The main task of Maincoin is the large-scale development of the project using various innovations. The platform considers all options for mutual cooperation.

Mutual integration

The Maincoin platform has many partner products and considers any mutual integrations.

The MNC token can be integrated as a means of payment into the ecosystem of your project. Your product or your token can be integrated into commercial areas of the Maincoin ecosystem.

Mutual integration will expand the geography of the use of the MNC token and your token or your product.

Your advertisement

The Maincoin project is constantly expanding its own community, ecosystem and various partner products. You can become our advertising partner and advertise your products throughout the ecosystem of our project.

Marketing promotion

  • Your project will be promoted on all our social media platforms, as well as in some partner communities.

  • The maximum number of users will know about your project.

Our contacts

For all questions of cooperation, applications are accepted by this mail:

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