🎯MNC Economics

Economic use of the token

The main economic direction of the token is its use as a means of mutual settlements in the commercial ecosystem of goods and services.

Using the Maincoin token, you can pay for services on the Zebra bulletin board, as well as make purchases anywhere in the world

The task of our team is to expand the number of our own products, as well as attract partner projects to use the token.

Crypto Asset Exchange Aggregator

Maincoin Swap allows you to exchange any of 25,000+ assets on 54 blockchains in one click. Using the service, you can trade assets at the best rates and with the lowest commissions on several blockchains.

The company uses the commissions received from trading turnover to purchase the MNC token in order to add this token to farms and bets for community profit.

Zebra - bulletin board

Zebra is a new generation cryptocurrency bulletin board. All kinds of goods and services, cars, real estate, job ads, various shops, entertainment, leisure, dating and much more.

The MNC token is used as payment for internal services of the service and advertising.

MainKassa - Payment Crypto Aggregator

MainKassa is a technical solution for accepting payments for any business. The product allows you to accept payments in the MNC token and in other cryptocurrencies on any website of various companies and stores.

The MNC token is used as payment for the services of the service.

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