Limit Order

Limit orders allow exchange assets at the desired prices.

Orders for the execution of buy or sell orders are placed at certain prices. The transaction will be executed only if the transaction price reaches your limit price (or better).

Why wasn't my order executed?

Limit orders are executed when they reach the desired price, however, due to gas fluctuations, the actual execution price may differ from the specified price. Usually the execution price and the desired price should be almost the same.

Your order may not be executed for the following reasons:

It was not possible to execute the entire order at the desired price and amount due to the influence of the price. One of the tokens in the limit order has a commission for the transfer. Before sending an order, please read the user interface indicating the actual execution price.

Limit orders guarantee that you will receive at least the specified exit amount for your entry amount if the price of the pair reaches the desired price.

Is there an expiration date limit orders?

Orders will remain open for the specified time until they are executed or canceled.

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